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Ron Singerton is a professional artist, working in glass, stone, paint, ceramics, and bronze. He and his wife, Darla, own and create works for online sales, art galleries, shows, and more, via Singerton Fine Arts.

Avid Horseman and Saber Fencer

An avid horseman and saber fencer with a special interest in the American Civil War, Singerton “heard the bugle and the sound of the drums” and became a reenactor riding with the Union cavalry in dozens of engagements from California to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

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Ron Singerton at the China Wall
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Ron’s Biography

After graduating from California State University at Long Beach in 1965, Ron Singerton joined the U.S. Army Security Agency and spent his overseas time in Asia. The following twenty-five years were devoted to teaching history and art in Southern California high schools.

Over the last thirty years has developed an expertise in painting as well as crafting bronze, stone and glass. Though many of his works are representational and even evoke impressionist techniques, he has avidly plunged into the world of experimentation with abstraction in oil, acrylics, and his sculptural designs.

As an award winning artist, he has displayed in numerous shows and galleries and is currently involved in the creation of large canvases and monumental size bronze sculptures. He is a full-time artist and lives with his wife, Darla, in the mountains near Idyllwild, California.

Ron also developed a particular love for writing and historical research. During the early 1980s, Singerton authored a series, Moments in History, of some thirty mini-books on legendary people and events ranging from Columbus to the moon landing. The books were adopted as supplementary teaching material for the State of California and approved by the Los Angeles school board as a teaching aid. Published by Santillana, the original editions are considered collector’s items.

Always interested in an exciting but obscure story, Singerton conducted historical research that meandered from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries back to the ancient world. “Technology of the past often appears elementary to us,” he explains. “The emotions do not.” For him the thoughts of peoples long past, as well as civilizations now little more than ruins, still evolve into a pageant of love, intrigue, and dire conflict—nothing less than a shadowed mirror of our own world. Through the writings of Plutarch, Pliny, and Julius Caesar, Singerton uncovered an epic event that would take him from Rome in the last days of the Republic to the Great Wall of China. After years of research the tale became the foundation of two novels: Villa of Deceit and its sequel, The Silk and the Sword.

Once completing his “Rome” novels, Ron’s writing turned to the late 19th and 20th centuries with “A Cherry Blossom in Winter,” a history of the intense love of a young nobleman for a Japanese lady during the Russo Japanese war of 1904-1905. This novel received the First Place International Goethe Award by Chanticleer. Soon to be published is the sequel, “A Blossom in the Ashes,” as the families experience love and terror during World War II in the Pacific as well as the Soviet Union.


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