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Raku Vase by Ron Singerton Fine Art


Raku Vase by Ron Singerton Fine Art


Raku Vase by Ron Singerton Fine Art

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Artist’s Statement:

As a former teacher of art and history, I have always considered sculpture and art in general to be a reflection of life and human events. I strive to create meaningful art – art that talks to us. In the past, my artwork was largely representational and patterned after historical images and the spirit of living. Currently, I am channeling my creativity toward the exploration of color relationships, color mixing and expression in both 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional art. With a virtually endless artistic palette of color mixes, I feel a true connection with the emotion, drama and versatility of each piece of artwork. I have tried to demonstrate my love and knowledge of history in many of the representational pieces. My early years were strongly influenced by pathfinders in cowboy art such as the sculptors Charlie Russell, Solon Borglum, and Frederick Remington. Also, as a Civil War re-enactor, my sculpting interests include this period of history full of color, valor, and pathos. Early Singerton pieces capture many of these memorable vignettes. These sculptures maintain a purity of “truth” in the hot cast bronzes relying on bronze-toned patinas to emphasize the true casting material.
My recent artwork reflects a new exploration of form and movement. In some of these, I have retained the recognition of life forms that combine my unique signature style and dynamic flow evidenced in a large body of stylized work centered around horses, lions, and exotic wildlife. I have also been experimenting with original sculptures using carved and polished stones of alabaster, onyx and marble combined with hot cast bronze. This experimentation has added an exciting element to my creations. My continual quest for a new method or process provides unending challenges and unique works of art including semi-abstract paintings of monumental size. Even though Singerton Sculptures have been featured in many galleries and commercial venues, I enjoy the personal contact of clients, friends, and other artists participating in selected art shows where I have received numerous awards and recognition. Ron “breathes” in people as others would the air — and when he walks away, it is with renewed inspiration.


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