A Blossom in the Ashes by Ron Singerton

Format Paperback / eBook
Publication Date 03/25/20
ISBN 9781946409928
Trim Size 6×9 in
Pages 444

A Blossom in the Ashes

The Sequel to Award-Winning A Cherry Blossom in Winter — 1941: Two Brothers, One Woman, One War. Tad, elder son of Russian-Japanese parents, flies planes for the U.S. Navy; his brother, Koizumi, is a fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy of Japan. When Koizumi visits his family in Hawaii, he is accompanied by the beautiful Sayuri. To Koizumi’s dismay, she and Tad begin a passionate romance, only to be torn apart when she and Koizumi are ordered back to Tokyo.

All too soon, Tad discovers that, if being estranged from a brother for 25 years is bad, seeing him through your gun sights is worse. And as American bombs fall on Japan, Tad fears that he will never see Sayuri again.

Commitment, terror, compassion and unswerving loyalty comprise A Blossom in the Ashes, a story of unyielding nations in a world gone mad.


“Complex in its historical scope and list of characters, A Cherry Blossom in Winter is more successful in understanding men at war than the background love stories. This book won’t be for every romance reader as the plot points issue from exceptionally visceral entanglements – however, history buffs and those who love wartime epics will devour the read. Reminiscent of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, readers will journey through an emotional landscape as dangerous as the raging battles themselves.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews

 “With lots of treacheries, secrets and hidden skeletons in every family’s closets, the book becomes an awesome read.” – Amazon Review


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