The Silk and the Sword by Ron Singerton

Format Paperback / eBook
Publication Date 06/06/17
ISBN 9781942756927
Trim Size 6×9 in
Pages 408

The Silk and the Sword

Gaius Centurion Book 2 — Young Tacitus, torn from the girl he loves and accused of defiling his late mother’s temple, is dragooned into the Roman army by his father Gaius, a bitter and unbending Centurion. With his father and seven legions, he joins General Marcus Crassus in an ill-fated attack on the sprawling Parthian Empire. After the Roman forces are decimated at the Battle of Carrhae, Tacitus, Gaius, and four hundred survivors venture eastward on the fabled Silk Road to find a river beyond a wall that will lead them back to Rome.

Tacitus becomes the soldier he never wanted to be while battling bandits, trekking through frozen mountain passes, and dealing with a formidable foe on the other side of the world. But his greatest challenge is a personal quandary: should he return to Rome for his long-lost love or seek the hand of a princess in the mysterious land beside the Great Wall?


“Culled from primary historical references as recorded by Plutarch, Pliny and Julius Caesar, the author illuminates the fascinating, multi-faceted private and public worlds of the Roman legionnaire. Fans of both historical fiction as well as Roman history will find Ron Singerton’s The Silk and the Sword to be a highly engaging, satisfying read about one of the most detrimental defeats in Roman military history.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews

“A tour de force of Roman military survival across a long and arduous trek through the Parthian empire, the silk road, and into the celestial kingdom. Singerton delivers an astounding look at what it takes to survive, and ultimately to find forbidden love, in a harshly foreign land. A gripping read backed by the kind of historical research that enlivens a story.” – Sean P. Curley, Award Winning Author of Propositum — A Novel


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