Villa of Deceit by Ron Singerton

Format Paperback / eBook
Publication Date 04/29/15
ISBN 9781942756408
Trim Size 6×9 in
Pages 550

Villa of Deceit: A Novel of Ancient Rome

Rome, 70 B.C.E. A house in turmoil: a controlling father, an adulterous mother, and an angry son made reckless by a forbidden love. Young Gaius defies his father Toronius, fleeing with a slave girl whom he marries, only to see her die in childbirth. Disinherited and grieving, Gaius leaves his infant son Tacitus behind with a trusted aunt and devotes his life to the sword.

On the battle field Gaius is trained and tempered into a hardened veteran of war. His leadership and bravery in campaigns earn him respect and the rank of Senior Centurion. But his greatest challenge is returning home to face his son Tacitus, now grown to a wild, undisciplined youth. Gaius forces the errant boy against his wishes into the army that he may be molded into a man. Like Gaius before him, Tacitus must fight to become his own man in defiance of his father. But together as Legionnaires, they must survive an invasion mired by betrayal and confront the fury of war.


Villa of Deceit: a Novel of Ancient Rome by Ron Singerton will keep readers turning the pages as the author vividly conveys the brutality and wanton disregard of life on and off the battlefield in this cleverly plotted historical novel that speaks to a time that would change Western Civilization for the next millennia.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews – 5 Stars

Villa of Deceit is a well-researched entertaining read with engaging characters, intricate and clever plotting, and much interesting detail about family life in first century B.C. Rome. A definite page turner. ” — Donald Michael Platt, author of Rocamora and House of Rocamora

Dramatic, Historic and Action Packed! This is an interesting and dramatic description of life in Rome in the first century B.C. The story is filled with vivid characters and interesting interactions that paint a picture of life in Rome at that time! I look forward to the sequel!” Iris  Davidson – 5 Star Amazon Review

Villa of Deceit – “Reading this book takes you into the world of ancient Rome as if it still existed. Fascinating and fast-paced, this book is a very good read. I can’t wait to read the sequel and find out what happens to Gaius and Tacitius!” Wendy Webber – 5 Star Amazon Review


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